Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Towards Belief : Homosexuality

Continuing with a more in depth review of the DVD series – Towards Belief. This week looking at Homosexuality.

• People want maximum freedom to do as they please – otherwise they feel they are being denied personal fulfilment
• There is no 'gay' gene, however there are some who are predisposed towards homosexuality
• We all have a choice as to how we are going to behave
• Bible talks about homosexual activity not orientation
• Modern society implies if you do not do what your desires dictate you are sub-human
• Jesus teaches about marriage and singleness in Matthew 19
• Singleness is a valid life style choice which involves denying all sexual activity
• It is wrong to think that denying yourself meaning being doomed to unhappiness
• People should not be defined by their sexual orientation
• We are a sexual people but we are more than our sex drive
• The church says come as you are but don't stay as you are
• None of us get to do what we want

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