Thursday, July 21, 2016

Book Review : Happy Pants

Happy Pants is written from Heather Gallagher's own experience of postnatal depression. She uses the visual image of a pair colourful pants to portray her happy emotions. So when her happy pants stay in the wardrobe it indicates her feelings of sadness. It is a clever way to show her emotions and one a child can understand.

This book is a useful tool to read to a child whose mother is suffering with postnatal depression. It makes it clear that it's no one fault and that help and support are available from other family members as well as the medical profession.

The illustrations are well drawn and fit well with the context of the story.

Overall a valuable way of communicating postnatal depression to young children.

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Josephine-Anne Griffiths said...

Hi Susan,
I've discovered your blog ... Yay!
This book sounds wonderful, and could probably be useful for other types of mental illness. It's often difficult to explain these emotions to children. They tend to blame themselves for much of what is going on around them. I must check this book out.

Susan Barnes said...

Glad you found my blog!

Yes, the book would be good for other mental illnesses to do with depression, lack of motivation etc.